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Image Spotlight (02/09/20)

The above photo was taken inside Benmore Botanical Gardens on the Cowal Peninsula, Scotland.

Image Spotlight (23/08/20)

This is a three-shot HDR I took off the coast of Anglesey at Holyhead.

Image Spotlight (31/07/18)

This is a three-shot HDR I took in the highlands of Scotland last year.

Image Spotlight (June 8th 2018)

This is a 3-shot HDR I took in a medition garden just outside Lincoln.

Image Spotlight (Apr 24, 2018)

I snapped this photo of Heron Tower in the distance as I was heading down to the local market near the hotel in which I was staying in London one sunny morning in 2016.

Image Spotlight (Feb 06 2018)

This was taken inside Inverary Castle in the Cowal Peninsula in Scotland.

Image Spotlight (Jan 11 2018)

I took this image a couple of summers ago on one of my trips to London.

Image Spotlight (Jan 02 2018)

Grasse, in France, is a very picturesque town in the south of France, famous for its perfume.

Image Spotlight (Dec 18, 2017)

For most of our holiday in the Scottish highlands in August, it rained pretty much constantly, apart from one or two days when it was ok.

Image Spotlight (Dec 8, 2017)

This image was taken on an overcast mid-October day in Monaco. I had never been to Monaco before and was surprised just how many buildings are compressed into a relatively small area.